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Organic Swaddles

YEM Child


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Perfectly imperfect and beautifully unique. 100% Organic Cotton Swaddles. Dyed by hand, using Eco-friendly herbs and vegetables and water based eco-friendly inks. During the making process no chemicals have been used, so these gorgeous little textiles are 100% safe and 100% chemical free! 

Please note that in some instances, due to the lack of chemicals, colour runs or fading may occour, so please treat your garmet in a kind mannor. Delocate wash, using environmentally friendly detergents. Dry in shade. 

By embracing this Eco process, we together are making a difference to our beautiful environment and to our Children's wellbeing. We hope you and your children enjoy our very own brand for years to come! 


Measurements - 1.2m x 1.2m approx.

This item is packaged in 100% recycled product.

The 'Let them be Little' collection has been sewn and dyed by hand in Australia. 

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