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Hunter Candles

Hunter Candles



Hunter Candles are hand poured locally in Newtown, Sydney. Drawing Inspiration from the natural surroundings of our beautifully eclectic suburb. Each scent has it's own personality and is individually curated to match the mentor whom inspired it. Each candle has been hand poured using Ecosoya Wax - which is biodegradable and free from pesticides. Hunter Candles contain no genetically modified ingredients, chemicals or petroleums. Glassware is recycled and also contains no toxic chemicals. 

300g - 50hrs burn time approx. 

 ADDISON - Cucumber + Lavender + Sage = fresh, vibrant, cleansing, revitalising. 

DEBORAH - Fig Tree = woody, earthy, weighted in scent, touch of fruity-ness, unique and beautiful. Less is more when describing. 

MABEL ROSE - Peony + Lychee = floral summery, fruity. A very pretty scent. Definitely one for the ladies. 

MORGAN - Sandalwood + Kaffir Lime = woody, zesty, weighted in scent. Definitely a cheeky one. 

HEALY - Cucumber + Ginger + Mint = fresh, calming an natural. A delicious Summer Cocktail. 

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