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Eco Body Scrubbers

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GET ECO-FRIENDLY IN THE BATHROOM! With this 100% Natural Jute Fibre Body Scrubber.

Become a scrubber! A natural unbleached fibre brush, handmade from Jute. Ideal for a daily dry body massage to exfoliate, gently brushing away dead skin cells and toxins. Dry body massage can also help with circulation by stimulating the lymphatic system and will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft with a natural glow. This brush can also be used wet. 

All our Eco Max products are kind to the plant by using ONLY 100% natural materials. PLUS they are biodegradable, so at the end of this products life (roughly 5 months) you can throw it into your compost bin.... everything but the wire will break down naturally. 

A natural product handmade from: 
Natural Soft Jute 
Sustainable Timber 
Cotton Cord 
Galvanised Wire - it will never rust! 

Rinse clean, shake and hang to dry. 

*Handmade in Sri Lanka using Fair Trade principals. 

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