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Organic Essential Oils

Anjali Essential Oils



100% Certified Organic Essential Oils. Anjali is a beautiful Sydney based company sourcing their oils ethically from Australia and around the world. Although not certified food grade, these beautiful oils are safe for internal use.

Measurements - 15ml (including roller blends) 


Kawa Roller Blend (In loving memory of dear sweet Kawa Leaf) Mindful, Ground, Peaceful. This blend will assist you in feeling grounded so you can be present or 'in the moment'. Allowing you to be mindful, feel centred and balanced, delivery feelings of content and peace. A blend to enjoy daily for all. Ingredients - Sandalwood*, Patchouli*, Frankincense*, Lime*, Ylang Ylang*, Jojoba Oil* (Organic*).

Calm Kabila (meaning tribe in Swahili) Calm, Rest, Rejuvenate. This blend can assist you and your tribe in restful sleep, a calm home, help with relaxation and in alleviating stress. Calm Kabila is an ideal blend to assist in unwinding after a long day of work, play or travel. Ready to use in our glass roller ball application bottle, so it can be applied directly to the skin. Ideal for busy on-the-go people ,this ready to wear blend is perfect for school bags, hand bags or to add to your toiletry bag for travel. Ingredients - Marjoram*, Lavender Bulgarian*, Tangerine*, Roman Chamomile*, Jojoba Oil* (Organic*). 


**Feel free to send us an email if you do not see your favourite oil on our list. We can easily order specific oils.

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