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Natural Fibre Brooms

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Feel the difference with our beautiful natural fibre brooms.


Coco Fibre - long rubber wood handle, with unbleached coconut fibre bristles. The coconut fibres won't ball on the ends and are easy to wash in soapy water and just hang in the sun to dry.

- Broom handle and head have a screw in thread to make it easy to assemble them.
- Vegan, Fair Trade and biodegradable.


Coconut Palm - this amazing broom, works as not only an outdoor broom but also a rake. Handcrafted from the centre of the coconuct palm frond and bound with coconut fibre string. This stunning broom will also rake leaves from the grass without pulling up the roots. It also works well on pebbles, concrete, rockeries and rouch surfaces. It will sweep up in the wet just as easily as in the dry. 


- Long lasting, sustainable, ethical and biodegradable 

- Vegan and Fair Trade


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