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Natural Shampoo Bars

Beauty & the Bees


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The Beauty and the Bees Shampoo Bars have been hand made in Tasmania using only 100% natural and checmical free ingredients. Over the course of a lifetime, a person washes their hair an estimated 12,000 times using approximately 250 plastic shampoo/conditioner bottles, which go to landfill or if discarded end up in the ocean. Choose instead to use a solid concentrated product that is great value for money, and will not pollute the user or the environment. Dependant on how often you need to wash your hair, your shampoo bar should last between 4-6 months. When using a shampoo bar, you will not need to use conditioner. 


Styles - traditional Beer Bar for bounce and shine. Richly conditioning and great for dry hair. Users report with dandruff/psoriasis or those with dry flaky scalps report excellent results. Great for all hair colours with normal, dry, limp/thin, frizzy, dry/itchy/flaky. Chmical free Tasmanian Beer rich in plant and nut oils and hops to condition and clean the hair thoroughly and gently.


Voodoo Bamboo Charcoal for fabulous body, shine and condition. Great for all hair colours with normal, dry, limp/thin, frizzy, dry/itchy/flaky, oily, poor condition.  The Charcoal in this bar comes from pesticide free sustainable forests in Taiwan. 


*contact us directly if you would like to purchase any of the other shampoo bars are apple cider rinses, which are sold by Beauty & the Bees. 


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